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My Sister Brought Home A Rose

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When I met you, I was happy as the day when My Sister Brought Home a Rose!

I have seen you before, though I chose not to touch

I have seen you before, though I did not stare too much

I dare not covet; haven’t even thought too

Because you’re vibrant, for everyone’s view

Suddenly! Surprisingly! On a gloomy moody day

I saw you when I woke up, morning on Monday

There you are, silent, on the side, in a pose

Oh my dear sister she brought home a rose!

Seconds urged me to get near and talk

Minutes made me appreciate your stalk

Thorn, leaves, buds like sprouting little heads

You make me smile with your crimson reds

With the wind, I saw you wave, I wave back

Made me want to get close and not hold back

For your crimson reds, tantalizing bloom

Making me spend days out of my room

Passing of time, I’ve seen your greens turn yellow

Your reds turn brown along with its fellow

With sun’s rays I saw your slumped shadow

Passing of time, I've felt mellow turn to sorrow.

I quietly desired the soil not to wither

Made it taste only the good and better

To keep and be still, so I can still see

Your crimson reds, smiling at me

Now, when I glimpse at my box glass pane

I anticipate, to see again

To see you wave, exchanging prose

How long will it last, Oh crimson red rose!