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Silence a Message to Convey- a Response to Brenda Arledge Week 18 Prompt

Misbah enjoys writing poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.

The Back Stage Story

This work was written in response to a word prompt challenge set by our lovely co-author and dear friend, "Brenda Arledge." This week's word prompt is "Silence."

Silence has the power to speak a thousand words all at once.

— Misbah

Silence a Message to Convey

My thunderous silence is a message
Do you think when I’m silent?
it's because, I'm weak, or
I don't want arguments?

If you believe it, you are wrong,
For silence is the most beautiful of my arguments.
It's respect, I'll show you that.
It's the break that allows you
to understand me, and
the previous sentence,
Before the next one arrives.
It is the rest of the heart and supper.

It's a feast for the soul, and
A place where the heart rests.
Learn that,
You will always be the master of the words,
You do not speak, but
A slave to those you make.

You have the possibility to choose,
To be a slave or to be a master.
It is not necessary to answer; again,
Silence will suffice.

Through stillness,
God created speech and balanced it.
All the words would be heavy,
If there was no silence.

Who can claim the opposite?
So when I hold my tongue
Don't push me to use it,
Because true calm is preferable than
a false or cruel statement,
I will make

My silence is much more powerful than
The bulk of words, I speak
Watch out, don't speak,
Listen to the inner voice
And remain quiet.


For ages, silence has been highly valued in Eastern culture, and it is viewed as an active manner of exploring within, of better understanding oneself.

People may assume we are untrustworthy because of the words we speak; the silent one has authority and is the ruler. It is often preferable to keep quiet rather than speak.

When words fail, silence may convey the most powerful messages.

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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