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We were both alike

Like flowers of the same tree

Nourished by the same ground

Watered by the same clouds

But I was on the side of the moon

You were on the side of the sun

When you saw the sunrise

Sun always being with you

I only saw the sunset

Sun going away from me

U flourished

Youthful and young

I withered

Slowly, unknowingly

The bees are buzzing

Not knowing my story

Not knowing me

They say

Could I not be as good as you

As beautiful as you

Why, you are fed by the same tree

Only the tree knows

What it knows

The story

It wont share

~by me

© 2020 AngelaJJ


bhattuc on July 29, 2020:

Well compsed. Nice work.

Anupam Mitu from MUMBAI on July 17, 2020:

Awesome dear. Heartfelt expression

Hoopyloopy on July 14, 2020:

Powerful piece

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on July 11, 2020:

Whether I be by the moon and he be beside sun, let the genetic composition keeps contacting and we keep being in unity, that is what matters.

AngelaJJ (author) on July 10, 2020:

Thanks for your views on the poem- Peggy, Chatra, Lorna, Shreya and Hertha.

The poem is about how outside circumstances (the sun) can lead to very different lives for different siblings and that although one might look like they achieved a lot the other might have gone through tougher circumstances.

Thanks for sharing your views :)

Hertha David from Windhoek, Namibia on July 08, 2020:

This poem is perfect

Shreya MK on July 07, 2020:

This poem is beautifully picturised the true meaning of the siblings.

Lovely poem Ms. Angela :)

Lorna Lamon on July 07, 2020:

This is a thoughtful poem and I feel even though we may be different from our siblings, perhaps we should embrace that difference and walk our own path.

CHATRA RAM from BARMER INDIA on July 06, 2020:

Very appreciated

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on July 06, 2020:

It is amazing how different siblings can be from one another. Your poem is a rather sad one.

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