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My Shadow Under Your Breath

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I Am Happy To Be By Your Side

I am sometimes quiet

Then other times I talk louder than words

I can go on and on about ideas that move me

Then I can open up every emotion known to mankind

You can dismiss me with your very next thought

If you want you can make me come alive and jump for joy

There is know doubt in my mind

I will raise my arms high when you are happy and excited

How could I not

Feel the wonderful feelings that bubble like a forgotten brook

I dismiss the hate in the world

I turn the sadness into little tiny pieces of chocolate bits

Then they are so much easier to work with

You can pop them in your mouth and enjoy the taste

Rolling them gently with your tongue until each one disappears

You can hold them in your hand and let them melt slowly

You can eat a few and save a few for tomorrow

Then you can put them in the cabinet

Pulling the small bag out when you feel sad

Left there for months

Then all of a sudden

Used for the purpose they are intended

Made into some thing so beautiful

No more thought needed

Until you want more

Then once again I will be there

Making the joy that you not only need

But is well deserved

Too many people want to be something their not

I want to be just one happy thought

Carried on and never forgotten

When there are smiles to be had

Laughs to be given

Like valentines on Valentine's Day

I want you to feel special

There is no need for it to end

It is the opposite

Just the beginning

I want to break all the rules

I want to ride higher and higher

Just when you think you have hit an all time low

I will know

I have cried and wept

Could I be an emotion with other feelings

I certainly can

So you may see

There are two many I's already in the world

I am the twenty in twenty-twenty vision

That is what I am

Every inch of happiness that is deep within you