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My Shadow Remains With Me - Response to Word Challenge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


Brenda Arledge is regularly providing her word challenges to us for creating poems or articles or stories based on that particular word prompt. We are thankful to Brenda for her sustained efforts in continuing this word challenge for such a long time and I wish that it will continue for quite long a time in future also. Being a successful poet herself, this community contribution made by Brenda is a laudable one and is being appreciated in the circles of poets and authors.

Some time back, for the week 22, she had provided the word 'shadow' to us but at that time I could not submit my creative work based on that particular prompt. Recently I came across this word in some other context and found that it was a very special word as it carries many mysteries and many hidden things in its lap.

So the present poem is definitely inspired by that old challenge word 'shadow' but I have a feeling that the word shadow is not only mysterious but also baffling sometimes as some of us are always having its presence felt very near to us and we cannot get rid of it, even if we wanted so, by any possible means on this Earth.

I am not only talking about physical shadow which we usually find in a lighted place but it could be anything which happened in past as a bad or unpleasant memory or a criminal act by someone or something which happened but cannot be erased from our memories because we were instrumental or involved in doing that unpleasant actions.

From that perspective this poem is an effort to showcase whether one can get rid of one's shadow defined in a different way as above or is forced to live with it throughout one's life.

My Shadow Remains with me

My shadow is my companion,

It remains always with me.

Even if I do not want it,

It would not leave me free.

My shadow was born with me,

He is just like my twin.

It walks with me with same pace,

If I take a round, it also makes a spin.

One day I got an idea novel,

If I wish I could destroy my shadow.

It was simple and very ingenious,

Easier than moving my elbow.

The trick was really very simple,

I had to avoid Sun and light.

I would remain in shade and dark,

Shadow will have its own plight.

I started to do like that,

But a loud laughter followed me.

I am not there because of light,

In a snarling voice it told to me.

The shadow laughed and grinned at me,

Told me that it was my integral part.

It could not be destroyed by any means,

And it cannot be taken apart.

Now I feel it present there for good,

It is actually clung to me like a robe.

Would I ever get free from this shadow,

Now, I do not have any such hope.


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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