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My Search For Paradise

A feeling Inside My Core

I feel a need deep inside my core

To find something I’ve lost

Only in the dimension I exist

No-one has managed to find

What I seek.

In duality there’s the promise of knowledge

Paradise to rediscover is closer

Like a mirage it's just one step further

The search continues, another promises

A perfect diet

I’m looking for enlightenment, to answer

My search, with the brakes off

There are no limits to what I can explore

Duality's places, Pandora’s box

Best left unopened.

Pandora's Story

Unexpected Message

Then when I least expect it

A heaven sent brick lands in my life

Enlightenment might be a simple idea

I’ve known about for most of my life, but

It’s too simple.

Not believing my search is simple

Because I've found another barrier in

My way, I learn that I need perfection

Duality's only enlightenment, confusion

A war within.

Looking back, I can see that war

Has never been in the present good

War brings destruction, deception

That leaves living tarnished to

Patch the wounds


It's Simple

So how can you say it’s simple

To find this Paradise I’ve lost

As always what sounds good

Is usually not that good, much promised

And more disappointment

I duck as another brick addressed to me

Lands softly on the side of my head

Listen to my voice, it’s calling in the wilderness

Of your dimensions contamination, sin

One small word

Is the barrier, that rises higher and higher

I can’t seem to navigate around this condition

But within myself unseen, the Holy Spirit’s

Enlightenment, calls me with the word,

Jesus Christ crucified

Duality can only offer deception, destruction

God in perfection cannot tolerate

That said, He doesn’t wish me harm, Grace holds

My hope in the Lord, my help and shield

Paradise is found.