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My Robot Little Sister

Gareth Barsby is a graduate of the University of Chester who writes many short stories, poems and reviews.

I didn’t want to be an only child,
So I’m very glad,
That my Mum got me a sister –
She built her in her lab,

So I have a little sister,
And while I’m made of flesh,
My sister is a robot,
And she is the best!

She can stretch out her arms,
As far as you can see,
Very useful for grabbing kites,
That get caught up in a tree,

She’s the best at hide-and-seek,
For no matter how hard you try,
You’ll always end up being found,
Thanks to the X-Rays in her eye,

She has a jetpack in her back,
In the air she can soar,
And take you to many places,
You’ve never seen before,

Yes, my robot sister,
She is a lot of fun,
Just don’t make her angry, please,
Her left hand’s also a ray gun.

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