My Printer Stopped Working

Updated on December 6, 2017

Another High Pitch

I better make sure I duck

That fast ball was coming straight for my head

It is pitch black outside

My wife had many errands to do

She informed me I will be gone all day

I have plans

Sitting at the computer

Till my finger tips bleed

Well that is a little to extreme

Just trying to prove a point to my wife

I did not buy the books to make money

I did not buy them to have the greatest and biggest collection of books in the world

I bought the books because they motivate me when the people I know drain me

I am only human

I feel the highs and the lows a lot more than most people

I get nauseous when I hit rock bottom

I bounce off walls when I feel excited and happy

Other people just are somewhere inbetween

They are swayed not one way or another

Every moment is very little different than the next

Then as every hour passes

They follow the same pattern as all the days before

It's a downward slide

They get more bitter and angry

Nothing seems to please them

The more you try to cheer them up

The more they turn away

I don't understand why they don't want to be happy

They like being miserable

It makes no sense

It is the norm

Everywhere I look they are all living Zombies

The only time I see them the least bit exicited

If they get to go home early or go outside to have a smoke

I ask them constantly about their day before and after work

The most common answers

I watched t.v.

Played video games or slept

Went out to eat with friends

When it comes to talking about the real heart of any conversation

They have nothing

They complain about work

It's busy or it's too slow

I try to explain to them

I have thirty years on you

One day you will appreciate this time

You might even say

This was the best time in my life

They look at me and come back with

Yeah right

Then they walk off as if we never talked

I am trying to understand the younger generation

Some our busy with school and work

I get it

I was there once

It is not easy

I did it

When I came to work

I was ready and willing to do anything

At the same time I wanted to do it the best I could

Their attitude that less is better

Cut corners and it's not my job

I think poor attitudes = poor quality

I have proof all around me

I have learned to take myself away from the situation

I will blow my top

Most managers follow the same pattern

Has the whole world gone mad ?

I go to work and I am surrounded by these thoughts

Constantly poking at me

Saying the craziest of all things

So far off

So different than what I believe

I will not change who I am or my beliefs

When it is quiet

My mind dives into a book that I read

Researching the truth and any explanation

The verdict is still out


I don't think anyone is coming back anytime soon

part 3


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      2 years ago

      Valerie Burroughs You never know what can happen in one day. Multiply that times a week. That is a lot of highs and lows. I try to regroup and find the good in life especially when I am knocked off my feet. Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a great night.

    • snakeslane profile image

      Verlie Burroughs 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Hello Dream On, I like your catchy title, 'My Printer Stopped Working'. I can't count the times my life has come full stop over a technical glitch or an all out crash. Printer problems included. But now I find myself in the middle of a three part series, not having read one or two. I love the frustration you describe, not the frustration itself, but the way you capture those moments that are lost forever due to lack of interest. Thank goodness you keep trying. I'll be coming back soon. Thanks :)


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