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I Prefer Writing Poems to Articles: A Humorous Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


I need about hundred and fifty drafts of a poem to get it right, and fifty more to make it look spontaneous.

-- James Dickey

Both, my poems and articles end up in Letter Pile

meaning pile of letters struggling to make sense

now don't ask if it's by any measure worthwhile

just the fun from it is nothing short of immense.

Look, a few famous poets were at first rejected

you don't have to believe, it's happening to me

all you have to do in a century to be incarnated

and it will be my fame that you're bound to see.

O.K., dreaming is cheap, and I can't afford a proof

and joking even better explains such a wild claim

well, in between my satires I like to play a goof

while as a poet I will never make me a name.

Now, as Letter Pile is all of my stuff's destination

why should I be bothering with long articles at all

so the formula is some laziness and some elation

voila! It's pile of letters no matter how they may fall.

Just catching breath and regrouping before some more of this fine poetry.

And yes, my articles can never give me so much fun

I may even succeed to make some poems look smart

well, some artistic finesse is evidently what I may shun

but to speak of rhyming -- I wouldn't know where to start.

You see, Shakespeare was a rhymer, so they say

at least one thing in common, forget about the rest

when you're retired and alone, that's the way to play

especially my slant right edge of stances I do the best.

Poems are easy once that you don't care what you do

those real poets must sweat bullets doing the crap right

I don't read much poetry, let it stay between me and you

as I imitate it, it just has to stay simple, imperfect and light.

As for the size of it, look how proverbs beat the test of time

a single sentence, not really much for the wise ass to do

so don't take measurements of my seven stance rhyme

for it might beat a perennial proverb with its line or two.

© 2022 Val Karas