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My Poetry Finding a Few Smarter Ones: A Poem

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I read a book one day, and my whole life was changed.

-- Orhan Pamuk

There was that time when I had friends galore

drinkers, musicians, also crazies of all kinds

quantity over quality important much more

having no preference over their minds.

But then I outgrew need for a friendly crowd

now keeping only those with vibes like mine

not an insane variety just to make me proud

so lacking my popularity was feeling just fine.

The same is happening with my online writing

so I'd rather have just few with exploring brains

than multitude to make it all much more exciting

preferring little smart traffic over some fast lanes.

There are poets targeting a general taste

craving popularity and making that extra buck

my designated writing time can't afford that waste

just can't see myself as overzealous poetizing schmuck.

Life is too short for mediocre monetary gains

and just for popularity I won't waste my time

so I write poetry for those inquisitive brains

for them my messages come in a rhyme.

But -- let everyone follow their own bliss

I don't need those shopping in variety store

multitudes in readership I certainly won't miss

for, again, I don't insist on friendly readers galore.

© 2023 Val Karas