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My Poem about Forgiveness


In response to a word prompt: By Brenda Arledge, the word is Forgiveness.

My Poem about Forgiveness

Oh, what a hard thing to do.

Forgive the ones that left us blue.

Forget the harsh words they chose,

Relationships are bound to lose.

Years go by and feelings change,

Grief replaces words in vain.


But in those precious sprees of time,

Hurtful memories still cross our mind.

We miss them so and love them yet,

We live with loads of harsh regrets.

Those loved ones gone to the other side,

Have no clue as to why we cried.


Forgive them now with all your heart.

Forget those harmful angry remarks.

For now, your mind can set you free,

Of any lapsed regretful scenes.

Guidance to forgive so near,

Live your life, erase those fears.

© 2022 Diana L Pierce