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My Plans Have More Holes Than A Cheese Grater

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I Went To Finish One Project

Things just started to go in the wrong direction

No matter what I did

The day got worse instead of better

I learned to take a step back

Relax and try again

Telling myself stay focused



No that is not going to work

I have a wheel barrel that has a flat tire

I bought a replacement wheel

So I am trying to take off the wheel

The nut is rusted on

Then I have an older wheel barrel and that wheel is gone too

This one has a machine screw

So I will have to drill it out

No time for that now

What I thought was an easy fix

Just isn't

Improvising I used a plastic trash barrel with wheels

It sound good but it got to heavy to push

Half way to my back yard it toppled over

I had to pick up the leaves and branches

For the second time

Little things like this slow down my day

It just wasn't meant to be

At least for today

I have to clean up for lunch

I feel my body talking to me quietly

I am starting to feel it

Time to pack it up

To be continued...

I will be back at it

Tomorrow or my next morning free

We shall see