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My Pain Away

Noone understands the stuggle to make it thro the day.

I just wish there was no struggle and the pain just went away.

You do your best to be good to people who least deserve it;

They all just leave you hurting.

Just waiting and praying that they will finnally notice.

Time and time again you fall flat on your face and then you realize it's your life this isn't your fate.

All you ever wanted was just a happy home and your all alone;

Trying to teach your son more things then just one.

Showing him lifes what you make it even tho sometimes you have to fake it.

As long as you do good and push to make it the world is yours you better get out there and take it.

Because of you baby boy your moms gonna make this life the best of all horizons

Your rays of sunshine always gets me thro the pain;

even on the cloudyest day your light shines bright and then I'm feeling alright again

Thanking God because through you I'll forever have a friend.

Now with nothing to do just sit here and write;

I lay you down and say goodnight.

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