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My Own Creator


This is a time in my life where I feel the most content

Not as much as when I was a kid

A smaller kid

and knew nothing but what I would eat that day

and who I would play with

That time in my life made it easy to be calm with time and its passing

Even excited by the idea of becoming something bigger than myself

Every day was an adventure because every day I legitimately learned something new

Some of those things were life-altering

When I realized my body wasn’t always going to be so weak

When I became aware of my mind's potential

When I saw how easily my hands took to my craft

I am not a person I dreamed of

or a hero I wished to become

I am a molded piece of clay

Sculpted by only my growing fingers

I am my own creator

Creating more than myself every day

I am proud to say I have begun the next chapter

The story after creation

The story of the journey

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