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My Old Tired Eyes

To See What They Have Seen

I am no different than anybody else

I walk with one foot in front of the other

There is a time

You wonder how much sadness is enough

When it is too painful

So I try to squint

Every day when you hear one horrible story replaced by another

When I go to bed at night

I say one prayer

Please, God. Make things right in the world

I see little changes that one day may lead to amazing things

My heart sinks

When I hear one more person has been hurt

I wear my sadness

Like a heavy suit of armor I can't take off

Life has so many wonderful possibilities

Let people find the right ways

Do the right things

The word help is another banned four letter word

If we can take action

Then we will also see the benefits of all the good we have created

Plant it in our thoughts

All the amazing things that we are capable of

My eyes all blurry from the tears that flow

I will be forever grateful to those who give

There will be a day

That there are more givers in the world than takers

Mark your calendars

For that day will be celebrated

Because it is the turning point in all our lives

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