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My Old Enigmas

I am an Indonesian poet. Familiar is called Isykariman, known through his poems that use the figure of speech and romantic words.


My Soul

There is an answer that you charge

There is me who is full of silence

There is a parcel of weather that wins

The sky water went down arbitrarily

But we want it to be hunted

If you are bored

Until we yesterday will disappear

As you, please leave

No bored approaching me

Tired of your soul is my worry

Restless your soul is my turmoil

Your tears are my rain


Gradually make a puddle

To me who is bound by memories

I drowned myself far away

In memory

Dawn Gate

Among the frantic call to prayer

Witnessed by Kejora

Thousands of lights fell scattered

Raining down on the motherland

The hue marked up began to get jealous

The power is nothing

Beautiful morning blessings

Romance touches the heart

And cold ones for you

Prospective lover

Longing Rhymes

And if it's cold, make you feel at home in the blanket

What else do I present to bring warmth

Sleep goddess

your smile engraved in my thoughts amid savanna.

Knit dreams for you on the day after tomorrow

because tomorrow is your lover's

The Older Man Is Alone

His fate is certain

Graceful in his days

Miserable on frozen nights

His business, not playing

Nearly a century of silence

Sweating between waking and sleeping

Indeed, his future is certain

End of suffering is the only one

Only death


On the edge of the city, we contemplate

After crying began to muffle

Discordant birds

The streets are full of salute

People widen prayers

Look at my clear sky

Like being frantic

Look at the face of the earth

Miserable, roaring to give a gesture

On blazing hues

Your efforts are eternal

The skyline carries a message

Look for spirits in places of worship.


Like affix without a word friend

Halting in one phrase

The poetic verse is not like that

End the variety of flavors that you force

Dictations are not that dizzy in the head

You can't force loves

And you're still not sensitive

Like we are the same

Aware will be in the chest

Meeting in the Twilight

We are so miserable

You're like free-flying poetry

While I'm fixated like scientific work

You can chime in the sun

I am going to be in the corner of the night

In the evening I saw the look on your face

So white as a mummified heart

Until time to reign

Seeing you back with him

In a beautiful mix


Money, money, money

Because money destroys households

Money, money, money

Power failure due to money

Dead motorbikes, cars, planes, Angora, Persia

Death for cash!

I'm dead because of money


Dead in love for money

Eh! Love born for cash?


The silent remain silent,

as gracefully quiet

The chirping still clashed with the sounds of nature

Become an elegant symphony

While the others, let him calm

Until the hue became jealous because of her grace

Graceful morning blessing, romantic touches the body.

© 2019 Isykariman Biridlwanillah