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My Ode to Mothers Everywhere

John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


Ode to Mother

Here's a wish that's just for you,

It's from the mob that stick like glue.

We know that sometimes we're a pain,

And almost cause a ruptured brain.

We know that when we're worse than bad,

It's very likely you'll get mad.

We know that we expect too much,

And think that you're a nice soft touch.

We know that when we nag and moan,

It grates your nerves and racks your bones.

We know that when we fight and tease,

You'll say politely, "Stop that please!"

We know we make life hard to bear,

And make you wish you were elsewhere.

But despite all this, Dear Mum and Wife,

We love you heaps, 'cause you're our life.


I Send To You This Mother's Day...

I'd like to thank you, Mother,

For a life of love and care,

For unconditional support,

And always being there.

I know I wasn't perfect,

And not always around,

But my love was always strong and true

And I wouldn't let you down.

It's nine years since you left this Earth,

The breath escaped your lungs.

We held your hand and said "goodbye",

To me you were still young.

Now you are back with Dad once more,

Somewhere among the stars,

And I still quietly shed a tear,

It helps to heal the scars.

I know that you are looking down

From Heaven up above.

I send to you, this Mother's Day,

My everlasting love.


© 2014 John Hansen

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