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My Motherland

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.


Africa has killed it's sons,
Like pot melting on fire,
Slowly every piece is washed away,
Mourning has become a norm,
Blood shed has become a norm,

Life is full of fun
Life is full of present dreams
And the the human spirit yearns in it for what it knows not
But search it must.

A nation without a home
Standing before injustices
Torture, hunger, pain.....

We always thought
That we were free of them...
But no, not just yet
Only got ourselves,
In a prison outside another.

We thought we had gotten home
But no, we just wandered
Further to the wilderness
The lands of scary little souls
Far and away from home.

Here all we hear are cries and mourns,
Of the scared human souls,
In the pitch dark of wild forests
That were never meant to be home...
Because they're no longer green,
But all so scarlet and scary...

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