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My Mother's Protection

Alexis K. Ellis is a Christian. A lady. A poet, and a work-in-progress who is kind but with flaws and all.

My Mother's Protection: Her Love

My mother shielded me from the world

With her strength and her love

She never let me know the tough times I'd face

But kept me with a smile and warm embrace.

She made sure I was never hungry

Cooked everyday after school

Made sure I had everything I needed

Taught me to be kind not cruel.

My mother's love lingers on inside my heart

Even though she's passed on

A bond that death could not sever

A tie that could not be broken.

Love Is Eternal

Love is eternal, my mother showed me this,

We were best friends, and she raised me right,

Protected me from all harm and wrong,

The strength she had keeps me going.

The good memories will never subside,

Though everyday inside I cry,

I live my life with the things she taught me most,

Be good and love God first.

So to my mother I give this poem

Though she is gone

I will forever love her,

And remember the happiness and laughter

She always showed.

© 2020 Alexis K Ellis 37