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My Most Popular Song Lines and Quotes and Some Thoughts on Descriptive Writing

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

How does one descibe a tulip in as beautiful a way as mother nature herself conveys?

I would like to discuss the art of creating

descriptive words that tantalize your readers.

It is not an easy task and yet there are so many

tools with the settings of your complex brain,.

and one of the best tools of all is a thesaurus.

Let us attempt at this this point in time to work

on how one soul can descibe a tulip in as beautiful

a way as mother nature herself conveys?

A tulip sits on a vertical geen handle

like a velvety scarlet cup filled with the

sweetest of nectars that is meant to be

savored with your nose just inches away.

It is a cathedral for the bees where they

worship God's offerings to their queens.

Butterflies find haven and heaven there

where they feast on all they can eat pollen

and then fluttering to the next red, white

or yellow harbinger of bliss.

Look deep into the breathtaking array

of colors swirled in patterns that hold

no two alike that lies inside its lovely petals.

I almost find myself wishing that it could

spin on it's base with some gentle twists

of my hand and blend all it's incredible

patterns into a memory of one of my

favorite childhood toys:

The kaleidoscope.

Let us also consider a description of

the sun far above us. We must capture not

only its healing and healthy warmth but all

of the myraid of marvelous colors it blesses

us with when it rises and sets. Suns for centuries

have always been given a happy face which

also can found reflecting down earthbound

on they faces of tiny children as they dance

and prance barefoot in the grass leaping

through lawn sprinkler cooling their tender skin

from its heated rays. It is hard for a child to be

sad on a sunny day. there are so many things to

do, trees to climb, puddles to splash and hils

to roll down when the joyous simmer sun comes

to call. It is the oldest friend to all children and it

even mellows the moods of world weary adults.

It is most deserving of a happy face because it

births so many happy faces below it.

Then there is that incredible gulf that stretches

seemingly endlessly in such vivid colors across

a very ancient part of our earth. It is a gaping maw,

or a spiritual window that allows us a long look into

the mind of God and the wonders of his creations.

who else could make mere rocks so beautiful ?

I stood on its formidable edge many times and felt

tiny gazing across it's massive girth. It is a humbling

hole that cuase us to realize that the tiny pitfalls of

our lives are so inconsequential.

There I hope I have given you all, three

good examples of descriptive writing

from what my mind considers it to be.

but everyone of us is capable of expounding

on any subject in a more beautiful way.

some of the most popular lines, hooks or

quotes from the more than 1,000 songs I have

written or from the 4,000 poems I have created

will be listed below in this article. They are in

no particuliar order and are only excerpts from

some of my best works. Enjoy the collection that

I have gathered here. And thanks for reading this

far on a subject that migfht not have been on your

list of reading materials.


!. "Life goes on without you but without you life

just goes on and on and on and on and on."

2. And as love escapes your heart it turns

pitch black miming your own nights alone

in the empty ebony shadows, staring back

at all the much more colorful memories

it once shared.

3.-"Then let us ponder?

What color is hate? purple like a bruise

left festering in your soul, scarlet like a blood spill

when angst turns love into scattered corpses?"

4. "Dictators are the colors of mausoleums,

a cobwebbed grey, because they seek to fill them

5." What about life, why does it vanish so fast

first you’re young just begun then you’re old and

it’s done and you’re part of the past."

6.-Don’t distance yourself at anytime from

all the joys that you can find lost in someone's

arms, bodies entwined. Distance and love

are not aligned but the further you reach out

for love the closer you’ll become to another."

7.-"It’s all part of your mystery when your

lovely face wistfully grows pensive as you

persue your personal space and I know

that my kiss will bid you to return

with a smile on your face."

8-."Beliefs are stems of thought that hold

the leaves that become beliefs Faith is the

seed that plants beliefs

deep in our minds and souls."

9.-Beauty weakens a man's knees and

strengthens a woman's confidence..

Beauty overshadows all of the world ugliness,

we all fall spellbound by what is loveliest"

10.-"If I waste away to nothing

then there's nothing left to waste,

apathy brings my solutions

to the pain I must erase."

11.-I"'ve had my shots of honeyed lips,

far too quickly they fell drained,

so now I'm subbing shots of whiskey

just to pickle what remains."

12.-":I'm the man that you left drowning in

an hourglass, beneath the sands of

time I've spent without you.

I can still see my dreams above

where we spent our perfect love,

but there's little I can do."

13.-"Where did they go from that Summer of Love,

all the peaceful, hippie children who frequented

Haight Ashbury hoping to bury the ashes of hate?

All of those who knew a Woodstock

not of a rifle but rather of a

peaceful coalition massed."

14.- "All men have seeds and all women

have gardens where love becomes droplets

that gets new life starting. I won’t go into details

lest I’m begging your pardon but much like rain

when what’s soft meets what’s hardened

new life can be born in a form based in carbon."

15.-"Loneliness is a terrible disease though

it won't make you itch or cough and sneeze....

but it comes with a rash... rash descions that

skew attitudes and moods into solitude.".

16.-Dear Elephant, Who would ever think

grey could be so beautiful, disdained in cobwebs

and hairdo's, yet in vast splendid wrinkles it

stretches across your girth which inspires my muse.

17.- "Fingers are what happens to your hands when

your brain sends synapses of inspiration down

your arms. snding your digits on all directions

seeking the right keys to ecpress yourself.."

18. "Looking back holds a mirror reflecting

what you have left behind. Looking forward

is a telescope of what bigger things are to come."

Always look forward, looking back is merely

a reversed image, holdong many negatives

of what you lost and cannot reclaim."

19. "They say money 's the root of all evil and it

probably is I'll admit it, but of all of the wicked

things we're known to do, it's the sin I like most commit it."

Here is 18 to 30 more scattered thoughts tossed across my brainwaves and sending out ripples to you

They always want to break my train of thoughts, leaving them derailed by breaking them up into capsules. So my next stop is here...Anywhere U.S.A. I should do it in all Caps- from my -sule, but I will be polite.-LOL

19.- I chewed on windowsills and bedposts back

when I was wee just to get a taste of something

other then sheer poverty. But I was never angry that

I was poor, I delighted in the fact that i was happier

than those better off then me wheever I got a little

something that they just took for granted. It always

tasted a million times better then they ever enjoyed.

19.-. "I serve no man, but men of lesser stature

have served me, lest they'd become a statue

of granite where all the dead lie. They followed

orders and most of the time it lead them from

death but when one was killed, I wept.

What insanity is this to command men to go into

the jaws of death by making them believe it was

duty and honor when it was truly simply suicide."

20. "There are no posters hung with grief

on fading, yellow tattered sheets for love

that’s lost left incomplete that can be found

anywhere on any streets. There are missing

]pet and missing person posters but love was

the reason they hang there.

When romantic love goes missing it retreats

to where it can’t be found and hurt agian.

There is not lost and found for love.

21.-I would not be a king for all of the riches

in the entire worldI would not bring such

syuffering to any or all. Power far too often

corrupts those who it’s lifted up.

They forget where they came from and their

hearts grow unjust, chasing gold over peace

chasing wars to increase

all of their greedy needs

bringing their kingdoms grief

each Commander-in-Chief

walking over the backs of those lesser

to be the richest who rule

and there is no relief.

22.-The last time i went back home

i realized that I couldn't see anything

but faces peeking out me from

beneath a bush, behind a tree

my childhood friends playing hide and seek

but they have no chance of finding me

time stole them all from what they used to be

my companions dancing merrily through

rain puddles minus our socks and making forts

from a cardboard box, climbing trees to swing

off of the limbs, sharing ice cream

coated silly grins

Time has padlocked all the doors that lead

back to the home I really need.

23.- "A crowd of one is never big

there is never a stampede

for solitaire cannot be escaped

it is a lovely women left alone

to weep and cringe from

the act of brutal rape

or like an orphaned child

with no home to share

huddled in a closet knowing

that their mom and dad

are no longer there

it is that one lone soldier

left among grisly remains

when the battle is exhausted

and he’s the only on not slain

it is the confines of a coffin

where the crowded walls hug one

with no comfort in their grasp

because one’s life has come undone."

23.-There are dangerous places

all over the world that are vegetative,

manipulative,authoritative, invasive

and abrasive

Where you must walk cautiously

because others act thoughtlessly

unlawfully committing huge atrocities

Down dark alleyways and in dank basements

or two doors down a nieghbor

predators wait in asphalt jungles

mongrels who target young lads and young girls

Fanatical’s with hate that humbles

Dictators who have yet to tumble

from their cruel rules over

those they’ve enslaved

the dark, dastardly and depraved

have far too many ways to ruin your day.

And though these concrete jungles

can be beautiful they hide teeth

that seek to shred

You must be courageous as a lion

as quick as a gazelle to flee

from monsters lying in

wait to give you hell

avoiding their intentions

that are warped and unwell

with necks as nimble as giraffes

and an eagles eyes to seek the paths

of lesser dangers. Because even animals avoid

what’s stranger and live to thrive and procreate

following the paths of love that

always lead us safely home.

24.-"Affection’s contagious It’s been

spreading for ages it gives true love its basis

to share physical praise

Holding hands, sucking faces

sharing long sweet embraces

visiting all of those places

people unloved don’t grasp

Loneliness is just crap.

"Affection’s a prize that brings

heat to four eyes

twenty fingers entwined

two warm bodies that grind

out sweet passion defined.

never stop being affectionate

loneliness does not hug back."

25. 'You are a fragile bird caught

in the claws of a cat,

a victim of its cruel games

there’s no escaping that

as you tremble in pain

You’re stuck right

where you’re at,

You are one of

so Damned many

who sought love

but don’t have any

You can’t please him

but you can’t refuse,

Parenthood and marriage

are the glues,

and your so-called failures

are his lame excuse

for him to use you for abuse………."

26.-"I had a friend who killed himself

over a girl who left him,

quietly slipping away to oblivion

in the wee hours of the night.

His dear Mother unaware

of his passing

went out the next morning

to get the newspaper

and found a note to him

taped to the door.

She took it up to his room

and found him dead in his bed

from an overdose of pills.

It turned out that the note

was from his girlfriend

begging his forgiveness

for doubting his love and asking

to get back together with him.

But at that point it would have

required her suicide as well.

A life ending and life changing

event all in a single

twenty four hour period

that would have ended

his sentence of death

with an exclamation

of love renewed."

27.-Baby, we’ve had our differences

where the music of our love

it filled with dissonance

and the heat of our passion

became refrigerant

but such troubles between lovers

can be so insignificant

because any love that’s righteous

holds sweet reverence

and you will always

be my preference

to any flaws we share

we should give deference.

we are not always right

but it is better than being left

all alone due to petty

attempts to win nothing."

28. -Unborn thoughts lie bookmarked

in the folds of my brain,

a poem curled in a fetal comma

sustained by an umbilical

cord to my soul.

Sadly I have

aborted many others,

prematurely expelled

on white sheets,

severed by sharp critiques

and predator editors.

But this one I will nurture,

till my head swells rotund,

and my heart is moved

beyond all contractions.

Then with a

pregnant pause

spreading my lips wide,

I will deliver it,

with wails of

joy and sorrow.

Emancipated, enunciated,

boldly in front of

many gaping faces,

caught up in its emergence.

Each moment

hanging breathless

over black holes

of steaming,

percolated energy

at some poetry cafe,

due date:

sometime next May.

29.-Each breath that you inhale

is one less you will have to take

but it’s one more to sustain you

since you were newborn

and your first breath began

Live each day like it’s your last one

love and laugh and cherish friends

Leave no room for hatred poisons

Hate has stolen many breaths

live your life full of rejoicings

have no fear of pending death

Listen to your partner breathing

every night before you sleep

never leave them breathing angry

never listen to them weep.

Loves to precious to destroy it

breathe it’s beauty full of bliss

kiss the ones you love each night

what can be better than this."

30. I'd like to pretend

that this is not the end

but my thoughts will not blend

with the ink in my pen

and so as an encore

I will write you this prose

a gentle remider

it is time now to close.

THE END-for now.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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