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My Mom Is...

KnWettstein is a lifelong plant science nerd most recently a landscaper, She loves to write poetry and stories in her spare time.


My mom is a wonderful person.

I never want to live without her.

Her voice can put me at ease when I'm not feeling so well.

When I see her each day I admire her greatness.

I want to someday be like her.

My mom is a wonderful person.

I pretend she is famous for being the world's greatest mom.

When I was a child she could make my pain go away like magic with just one little kiss.

I know that some day when I finally touch the sky; she'll be there to watch me fly.

My mom is a wonderful person.

She understands that someday I might go away, but mom don't you worry cause I won't go very far.

Sometimes I say to myself with a smile, I'm so glad my mom is my mom.

I hope that someday I can repay my mom for all that she has done for me.

I love my mom, yes indeed!

My mom is a wonderful person!