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My Miracle Worker

My miracle worker

Caverns quietly fill from subterranean rivers.

Tremors shake the plates upon the wall.

Earth quivers.

Nature’s forces—

Some pronounced, some subtle—

Heed not man’s request,

Do not require rebuttal.

Except for One, Whose feet

Have trodden the water.


Who restored the beat

To the heart of a dead daughter.


Who took mud and

Made blind eyes see.


Who made wine from the water

In Cana of Galilee.

This One, and a chosen few,

Could perform these acts

Inspiring awe.

Sorcerers from all corners

Tried these works,

This stoppage of natural law.

Made the lame walk.

Softened the hearts of selfish men.

Restored leprous men

to their communities again.

Yet there was only One man,

Who performed this miracle on me,

Who could wash away my sins,

Take off those chains and set me free—

Jesus of Nazareth.

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