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My Deep Meditation: A Poem

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It is not that thinking is bad and non-thinking is good. True freedom is when we are equally content, no matter what arises in the mind, free from bias, beyond any idea of thought versus thought, or this versus that.

-- Andy Puddicombe

Deep I drift away from my everyday story's myth

sinking into realm for which words don't exist

at first feeling heavy like a fleshy monolith

then lighter than feather or morning mist.

All sense of myself familiar so well

dispersing like a cloud unblocking sun

with emergence os something hard to tell

but recognized again like an old show's rerun.

Feeling like sort of homecoming after trip

heart-felt nostalgia for something gone

unutterable liberation from self's grip

something so unique for me alone.

It's so futile trying to share that intimate state

and these words are clumsy way of such try

but I want to tell you about something great

outlandishly divine if like that pie in the sky.

Called pure consciousness, and I agree

like a body-less state, almost ghostly by feel

so much more godly than an ego could ever be

but without need to close palms, or a need to kneel.

So if asked my self about "who I truly am"

I'd probably think of that me in a meditation

that pure entity, like a pearl enclosed in a clam

on its outward display just in its limiting mutation.

© 2023 Val Karas