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My Love Whisperer


His voice so softly floated through the pines,

as the sun slowly set; recalling waves of passion

my memory shines.

Wholly swirling and inundating my aching heart

from his love lost eons ago,

When the angry sea took him on that violent

night; to where---I do not know.

My heart does not beat for another and never will,

I think of no other as I sit upon a sea rock on our

favorite hill.

We picnicked on the hill from food collected on his

around the world voyage,

When he left on a storming white capping night his

ship lost its buoyage.

I prayed and waited for the site of his ship riding the

mighty waves back to me, but no avail,

No tears will come---as I no longer wail.

I look no more for the purple and white sail,

I no longer anticipate a letter in the mail.

Now I sit, on my sea rock waiting for him to appear,

I know he will come because my ending is near.

My eyes are watching the thunderous skies as

lightning streaks the dark horizon,

Will he know me as my body has become wizen.

I hear his voice becoming louder,

My waiting heart beat prouder.

By sight and sound his lips touched mine,

Ever so light while sweet chills dance upon my spine.

We soared over our favorite hill and above the pines,

We look so young and fresh, our spirits sparkled like

polished diamonds from his mines.

His ship waited for us to sail for eternity on the seas,

Celebrating the salty air and gentle breezes.

Love never dies,

Don’t believe the lies.

Whispers in the Wind

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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