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My Love Spell


My heart just swells

With your love spell

Dont want to believe

That you wouldnt leave.

We both took a chance

Now my love, let’s dance...

May be slow, may be fast

I pray it will last...

Somehow it feels right

Oh darling hold me tight

Please dont let me go

You’ll keep me safe, I know.

Somewhere along the way

Our paths crossed one day.

Oh love felt so alive

Both needed to survive.

Dont know the reasons why

These feelings we can’t deny.

Tried to resist and look away

We both can’t go astray.

My love, what can I do?

Maybe He gave me you.

Hold my hand, is it true?

Am I the one for you?

I see you, I see me

Are you the one for me?

Am I the one for you?

I know I choose you...

You keep me safe, You hold me close

You wanted me to be a rose...

You see the beauty, you see beyond

How can I not be in wonderland?

I look at you and my heart aches

If you could only see your face...

How it happened I do not know

I feel, what’s in your heart, it shows...

It’s like magic, it’s like a spell

Don’t stand a chance, can’t be quelled.

Let if flow, let is thrive...

In the end, let love survive...

© 2018 Liz Mistica

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