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My Love Poetry

The Light in Me

You are the light of my life;

I chased others with no real love in me.

Until you found me,

And filled me with your love.

You and I are now one,

Cause God sent you to me,

Now you are the light in me.


Forever Mine

As the sun sets,

Your eyes sparkle like shimmering lights;

Your hair is like the midnight sky.

You turn and show me your love,

And that's when I know your forever mine


All Along

Within the night,

Inside my darken heart;

You come upon me,

Shinning so bright.

My fears melt away

With just one smile,

When I hear your calm sweet voice,

My body quivers with anticipation,

Just to see and touch you as it was meant to be.

Unlike all the others,

I would never leave,

We both had lovers come and go,

Just going with the flow,

Through out the past never seeing,

What was really in front of us,

It was me and you all along.


One and Only

Everything I want in life is unreachable,

Then you come along and life became unquestionable.

Leading me into depth,

Taking every inch of breath,

Holding the key to my heart,

Our spirit and soul will never part.

As I hear your sweet kind voice,

I began to melt with sweet serenity,

With your words of tranquility,

Realizing you are my one and only.


The Promise

Like the wind I can not see but hear the whispering voice of its sweet heart,
Through the pain cuts like a knife deep into my soul,
And every tear of sorrow chokes the last breath I inhale.
How much longer should I go on not knowing my true ones destiny.
I've crossed bridges and swam oceans and seen all the signs heaven can bring,
Both our paths and souls have been the same,
yet different in good and bad depths of the sea.
Through heartache and pain, smiles and happiness
Through dark and light, angels and demons
We never cut the thread between us.
How much longer should I suffer because of this world,
What's right and what's wrong, when knowing the connection is so right.
I'll wait for you my sweet love in this life and in the next,
I will never leave your side for that is a promise I made to you.

© 2008 reneecabral