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Life is Like That

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Life is like that?

Life is like that?

I guess we all have undergone some point in life thinking -

"Oh my God! Now I get this! Wish I had this opportunity earlier."

"Why do I get this, when I want that."

Well, I guess life is like that!

This is a poem trying to capture my thoughts and feelings about how life is, at times -

My Lord,

I do not know what to do,

My Lord, I do not know,

I cannot understand too,

You give me all that I need,

With tender loving care,

You look after me,

More than anybody ever can.

All this I know,

But I cannot understand,

What you are doing to me,

Or where do I stand,

When I want green,

You give me red,

When I want this,

You give me that instead,

When I do not even want,

And don’t even care,

You give me everything, I wanted,

And that’s just not fair!!

Lord, they tell me,

You know what’s best,

You know what I want,

And what I should not get,

I know,

Dear Lord,

You give me enough and more,

But Lord,

It’s not what I wanted,

But that is the way life rolls,

I just can’t understand,

What you are doing,

Or going to do,

I just can’t understand,

What I’m doing,

Or where I’m going to,

Am totally in the dark,

Blank and confused,

Dear Lord,

Heed my prayers,

And be with me forever,

Always, My Lord.

© 2012 Nithya Venkat