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My Little Twinkle

Keen Writer!!! BE YOU!!! Is the only message. Believes in the power of words than the power of actions.


My Little Twinkle

She has the hair of wavy-black.

And has the straight strong back.

She has the eyes of beauty brown.

And is my constant favourite clown.

She is blessed of soft skin.

And has a little beautiful chin.

She is an expert of fake nails.

But knows most of the fails.

She has the cutest voice.

And has an amazing choice.

She has the most creative hands.

And knows about all the brands.

She is my secret sharer.

Ice-cream darer.

Full of makeup tips.

Empty of chocolate chips.

She is my scolder shoulder.

Lays holder.

She is my work lethargic.

Fashion artist.

She is my everything knower.

Story grower.

She is my chips mugger.

Distress rubber.

Good thinker.

Others little finger.

She is my never selfie miser.

Work time story riser.

She is my forever chum.

Annoying thumb.

Jolly sensor.

Naughty dancer.

She is my favourite player.

Worry slayer.

Make-up crazy.

Modern dressy.

She is my water giver.

Love deliver.

She is my badminton winner.

Stick like thinner.

She is my habit stealer.

Problems dealer.

She is my mirror's best friend.

Buyer expense.

She is my angry ruler.

Never cooler.

She is my constant fountain.

Beauty mountain.

In the end, she is my ever trend.

Best friend.

She is my everlasting twister.

Incredible little sister!

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