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My Life's Why?

My Life's Why

Life is never been easy,

It's a rollercoaster ride everyday.

A little smile on my cheeks and breakthroughs

And lot of breakdowns and sorrows.

Life is heartbreaking, and full of setbacks.

When you're dreams and goals,

Don't ever work as plan and sets,

I'm working and did my best, but why?

It's been very tough lately,

And facing melancholy day by day.

It's disappointing and very frustrating.

When will I be shining, 'cause I'm waiting?

In the midnight, staring at the ceiling,

I am hopelessly looking and thinking.

I am not good enough so, life's not good me.

Why the so-called life is being so bad at me?

In life, I have my countless encounter,

Of the different setbacks and failure.

With my very own "do-it-project" venture.

Well, I can't take this anymore!

I am trying to be humble and good

But it seems like to me, life is not good.

In everything I do,

It's makes my heart cry and sad so.

I look to the people around me

And see that life is so good to them,

In my life, I asked, why is it like this?

I know it'll end, but when would be the time is?

I've been so unlucky,

Not given good opportunity in every way.

Why is it like this?

Do I really deserve this?

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