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My Life as a Door Mat

I started by attending college, they taught me how to write good english. I ended up writing poems.


There was a time you used to rule over my life

I couldn't do a thing without your approval

All I did was please you

Whats I felt and wanted never mattered

I chose your happiness over mine

I chose to please you always

I chose to trust you always

I made choices that always favored

Yes I was your puppet

Yes I was once your slave

Yes I was under you

Yes I was your door mat

But not anymore

I gave you too much power over my life

But now I take it back

I am my own boss

Am no longer a door mat

That mat that everyone dusted their dirty shoes on

That mat that took it all and never complained

Am a dove now I fly high

Am free

My life as a door mat sucked

My life as a door mat was suffocating

My life as a door mat was choking

My life as a door mat broke me each day

Yes I was once a door mat but not anymore

Now take your time and think

Evaluate yourself

Do some soul searching

And find out if you are someone's door mat

If you are someone's door mat its time to break free

Don't allow anyone to crush you

Don't allow anyone to kill your dreams

Don't allow anyone to discourage you

Don't allow anyone to dictate and rule over your life

Choose your happiness before anyone else's

Choose to be satisfied

Choose to yourself

Poem by Ian Muiruri

© 2022 Ian Muiruri Wanyua

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