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My Journey With Alcohol


The journey starts off nice and slow.

Don't let the moment pass.

I didn't know my pain relief

was sitting in that glass.

Those feelings borne of alcohol,

Like an illicit stolen kiss.

All your fears just disappear,

It’s wonderful its bliss.

The journey now is gaining pace,

sit back enjoy the view.

Everything looks better,

when you've had a drink or two.

The selfishness of alcohol,

I don't care what's round the bend.

I've started on this journey

and i'll decide the end.

The journey now is speeding up

all I do is take.

I do not see the wreckage

That's lying in my wake.

Addiction now has took control

The journey's loosing fun.

I’m starting now to feel the pain

of the damage I have done.

I have to turn this journey round,

stop the turmoil in my mind.

I know that help is out there.

It's there for me to find.

I found the help I needed,

in my quest to make me sane.

I'm on a better journey,

I'm not turning back again.