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Immortal Love

Ganeswar is an author, poet, blogger, tech enthusiast, and travel addict.


If I were with you at this moment

I would show the strength of my love

As love knows no rule

Can crossover thousands of mountains of barriers

To show my true love to the society

My love is always eternal

That I will die one day but not my love.

The eternity of my love

Which can never be died

Can never be diminished

In fire and burning vessels

Can never be exhausted

In society’s hatred rebels

My love is infinite and pure

Embracing with all the memories

Together we can make a love of Taj Mahal

That remains always on top of the societal mean thinking.

You are always my love

Our love shines sharply above the societal savage

Hey my eternal love

The society is against me today

But I’m ready to fight

Against the insane barbarian

Love is created by the eternal divine

For sustenance of the existence

I’m ready to die for you

You will rise up and up

You are a spirit

You are my immortal love.


© 2018 Ganeswar Sahoo

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