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My Heart's Love Paths


Love is a journey all its own, with so many paths from and to our hearts. Our hearts prefer the well-traveled paths, with sweet wild flowers blooming on the sides that have provided us with the greatest pleasures, such as friends and loves, enticing us to return to them time and time again.

This makes me smile.

Paths with beautiful memories that fill us with melancholy because someone we loved so much did not feel the same way, so this path is overgrown with weeds, briars, and overgrowth; one we rarely revisit.

This saddens me.

Paths that bubble with happiness and giggles are ones of our youth, when life was new and innocent, with Disney Characters dancing down these paths with us and our little friends, celebrating birthday parties, stay-overs, pillow fights, and dressing up in our mother’s clothes with our little friends.

This makes me happy.

These are our cherished memories of first loves and young loves, the real painful love of growing up, paths marked by Valentines and school pictures of friends and boyfriends, and cherished little love notes passed in class: "I like you; do you like me?" Yes,___ No,___ after marking, we passed it back when the teacher turned her back; she decorated the sides of the path.

This awakens my heart.

We should make an effort to relive long-forgotten memories, to smile and laugh again. Remembering the sweet funny antics we played on each other. Holding hands at the "Monkey Bars and Swings" and hugging goodbye for the summer. We always felt sad that our teacher would not be our teacher in the fall.

This means goodbye or for the time being.

Paths of everlasting love that are forever waiting for you with their love and support, each with little side paths that lead to parents, family, friends, and other relatives.

These paths are a part of my maturation.

The last path is for your one true love to walk with you on the path of love forever and a day, until the angels take you away.

This is my path of life.

These paths are intertwined with love tentacles that wrap around one's heart and bloom in the present and future, making for a wonderful heartfelt journey on this planet.

This is my journey.

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter