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My Greatest Love of All

My Greatest Love of All

You will see the beauty in life through loving.

To be loved by somebody is a great feeling.

To love and be loved is indeed amazing.

For this brought to a life, a meaning.

Since then, I've been asking,

And even you, for sure, are wondering,

What is love meant, and it's real meaning?

People said, it's a decision and a feeling.

The greatest love of all

Is when my parents decided

To create me and brought me up to this world

To see the beauty and what is life unfold.

The greatest love of all

is learning to love yourself at all.

Once you don't know how love yourself for true,

You have no idea how to love someone around you.

The greatest love of all

Is the Love of God for us, above all.

He gave up his own life on cross,

For us to be saved at all cost.

© 2022 Garlie Repal

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