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My Grandkids


This poem is to celebrate the joy and fulfilment my grandkids bring to my life.

Maybe some day they will read it.

When I look back in hindsight

at my choices and the strife.

My grandkids give a second chance

to enjoy the good in life.

Differences between a grandad and a dad

This is the major one.

Daddies are for discipline.

Grandads are for fun.

Back To Mum

That’s the joy of grandkids.

When you begin to crack.

You know that all you have to do,

is just give them back!

When your energy is sapping

and your starting to succumb.

The only thing you have to do.

Is give them back to mum.

When they start to wind you up

and you know there’s more to come.

All you have to do is say,

“I’ll take you home to mum.”

If this tactic doesn’t work

and they are really being bad.

You hit them with your trump card.

“I’ll take you home to Dad.”

Lynseys boys at halloween

Lynseys boys at halloween

My Grandkids

The oldest one is Ryan.

He’s sensitive and kind.

But if he disagrees with you,

he’s not slow to speak his mind.

The next one down is Daniel.

He just says what’s in his head.

When his great gran said she was 89.

He said “you should be dead!”

Andrews kids

Andrews kids

Then we come to Finlay.

Such a funny little boy.

He is always hyper active

like a crazy wind-up toy.

And finally, there’s Eilidh.

I don’t know where to start.

She is only 12 weeks old

and melts away my heart.

More To Come

Just to keep me on my toes,

and make me feel alive.

My daughter has just told me,

I’m getting grandkid number five.

I’ll add on to this poem

and keep you in the mix.

You never know the last verse

Might be grandkid number six.

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