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A Poem: My Grandfather’s Clock

Yoga Wellness Educator. Certified to teach Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Reiki. Yoga Therapy Foundations program. I love to write.


My grandfather’s clock made a sound

That gave me the shiver as I found

That the time for me to sleep has come

And its ticking and clack hum

Meant off to bed I must go

Whether I like it or no.

His clock sounded the hours audibly

And this kept all of us on time laudably

Its ticking meant I will be sent

To bed as if I were spent

I won’t be allowed to go to a rave

Whether I scream or rage to make him cave.

When it sounded, I felt so serious

As if the hour were solemn and mysterious.

I loved the silence in between its ticking

It usually came with the light switch clicking

In bed I dreamt of games to play

All worries of the day gone away.

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