My Girl Don't Grow Up

Updated on September 10, 2019
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I am an Indonesian poet. Familiar is called Isykariman, known through his poems that use the figure of speech and romantic words.


Time Burden

I am afraid that it will become an ember, considering that you will become a gas between them
You will burn the entire forest of authority
Your silence becomes a temporary paradise because I know you will also grow up
Like a stone that is growing on my shoulders, and my peg is shrinking
The time between us is the path to the bitter return of my past
That hunts like a bow that has no master

Hungry Lion

Kiddo! Out there lion is starving
Waiting for your face to clear water
Waiting for your body warmth
Then don't show your blood, he likes, and he loves
His love is a fake; he is not a favors dusk seekers
But the silent seeker is the night
It is cold; it needs the warmth of hellfire.

My Gift Is a Waste

This hallucination had to end soon; I realized I was in the arms of the sea of savage
The pull of my hand and the push of my leg bring you to the end of hypocrisy
My sweat and pump pumps are in vain
Either I brought you the wrong one, or what I gave wrong
It was true; my gift insulted me
I gather all the clouds so that your shade, but you think I intend to make the sky cloudy
And the iron I hit will be your crown, a sword that will pierce your stomach

That Night Was Cruel

Every second passes my heart always beats fast
Yes, dusk is starting to shy away from the bridge of his nose.
Evening arrived
The night that always wants every flower that is fragrant to wither
Even though I admit it, to me first night was heaven all heaven that is on earth
Male wolves drool with saliva; they are thirsty and starving
From this morning, they were ready to use their fangs and their tongues available to be used to lick everything there was
Also, don't expect the hill, it's only beautiful if the full moon arrives
And the winds that convey the message you're ready to be insulted

Let Me Only

Everything here hurts my soul, hug you to be an antidote at any time
Even if you won't let me
I'm sad I didn't know where to go
The hideaway forest is not present here
Even the rain did not sabotage these tears
We made it all pass; we will heed tonight
You have to be ready to think I'm nothing
Only raindrops in a pile of snow
And don't let your eyes be on me
Don't let me live longer


In this lonely circle, I sing
Lyrics of mounting sadness and rhythm from the achievements of sin
The warmth of the night turns instantly into a flock of embers
I was served a series of moves of my humiliation first
I realized too late
None of this is your fault, nor am I excessive in storytelling
Karma that has been enveloping, because I defied the laws of the star moon
Not the star that I made smiling, nor was the moon
It just wants to see the world smile
Seeing a warm night without embers, which makes the night smile
And comfort every life, life between injury and disappointment
May dreams that appear full of light
Considering this only once, maybe not
I hope this isn't delayed

My Words Are Still There

Waiting again
Maybe this happiness distance isn't too far
Also not too long he was present, and do not tell me he lost his sense
Or he has been traumatized
My words were warmly waiting, which might have certainty there
Don't say there is also hatred there
I speak I forget the meaning, let the heart interpret
Let the interpreter miss, he will see in the darkness of the night

Green Towel

Not the beginning of everything
Only the most significant cause of everything
The contrast of the skin color and the towel made my nose widen, and my pupils darkened.
Something is crawling that wants to jump out
Reveals true insanity.
And he tricked me, or I want to be cheated
Just a few seconds feels so long
I want to finish this soon
And I'll treat myself
Everything had happened
Silent hair becomes stiff and speechless
He did not want to advise and reject the offer
In contrast to the tongue that danced with joy

The Hugs You Miss

Even cheap sandals are accompanied by love
Establish love among the winding roads
Give meaning to each step impulse
Peaked to the yearned
The wound that you were invited to rest for a while
While the wound you woke up with a riot of romance
My mind has been forbidden since time existed
But our hugs aren't
My feet can't go in the same direction and one step
But our goals are the same
My tongue is not the same in speech
But they are in one room
For them, beauty will always be real
They just looked without understanding
But for us, beauty is only a plan
Plan between longing for seedlings
In a rival destiny, in a silent circle without hearing

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    © 2019 Isykariman


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      • Isykariman profile imageAUTHOR


        6 days ago from Indonesia, Jakarta, and Japan, Osaka

        Thank you sister for appreciation

      • Lorna Lamon profile image

        Lorna Lamon 

        6 days ago

        I enjoyed reading this combination of thought provoking poems.


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