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My Future Soulmate


I am proudly South African. I love reading especially poetry and still new to posting my poetry online.

For my soulmate

Dear future husband

Dear future husband this I want you to know

As a little girl I prayed this prayer on my own.

I asked God for one day when I’m grown,

To bless me with a man courageous and strong.

Who will love me with all my rights and wrongs.

A man who will protect me and carry me should I fall.

I pray for a boy that fights his enemies alone

Even if he has a broken heart or is a lost soul

A boy who builds himself into a man.

Someone who proves those who say’s he can’t that he can.

I pray for a man who finds light in the darkness

A beautiful soul searching for a wife

That will help him build an empire from sand into stone.

A king who needs a queen beside him on his throne

To fight this life against the evil and enemies war.

A man who will give me beauty and so much more.

I pray dear Lord to lead the way

For only You know who, where and on what day

I will meet my future husband when I least expect it.

First we go through troubled waters

To prepair our souls and make us fit

So that our hearts will beat as one.

He created you His perfect son

To be my husband when the time comes.


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