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My Future Forever

These moments with you I'm blessed to even capture,

These moments with you, I want to keep forever.

In these moments with you, I will keep fighting for it all;

Pushing through these hurdles that keep standing in our way,

Even though there are many ups and downs these days

you are something so worth fighting for.

I will keep working with my Future Forever;

I want to spend these moments knowing

I have found something so precious and loving.

A love others can't deny for they've been searching their whole lives;

you are my future desire, the one I will run to through it all.

through thick and thin; through these troubling times of despair

in this crazy pandemic driving us all insane,

we will keep calm and know this is worth the times we waited;

the moments when we thought we would be lonely forever.

I pray for this to stay and for the universe to give me many

memories Here's is a toast to my future forever.

Me and my boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend

© 2020 Samantha Stoerkel

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