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My Friend the Oak (Saving Our Trees and the Environment)

John is a long-time poet, short fiction, and article writer. He loves story-telling and also has a Certificate in Permaculture Design.


My Friend the Oak

Majestic you stand

towering above all,

still, but proud.

A century has passed

since you were just an acorn,

dropped by a passing bird.

Nurtured by the sun and rain

you grew, slowly at first,

but determined and sure.

Years passed by,

lovers carved their initials in your trunk.

and made love beneath your leafy canopy.

Children climbed in your strong boughs,

and birds built nests upon your branches.

The world moved on around you,

as the population grew.

Large tracts of forest cleared,

and trees felled all around.

You remained there all alone,

stark but standing tall.

Birds and animals displaced,

forced to seek new homes.

Further afield they roamed,

away from the encroaching development.

But you are trapped,

a solitary oak.

"Tree Song"- beautiful (one of my favourite songs of all time)

Smoke and chemicals from factories

pollute the air and water.

Cars rush by uncaring

along the road nearby.

Houses flank you on three sides,

you expire a gentle sigh.

Peaceful existence shattered,

but you do not complain.

Who would listen anyway,

even if words you could form?

What would you say?

"Stop this thing you call progress,

it has gone too far, too fast!

Stop destroying the environment,

nurture the land that provides for you.

I know growth is important to mankind,

but it must work with nature, not against it."

But you cannot speak

so your pleas go unheeded.

You need other voices to speak for you,

"So, on behalf of my friend 'The Oak',

please show a heart.

Protect the environment,

for future generations.

I beg you!"


© 2014 John Hansen

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