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My Forgotten World

One I Never Did Complete

Filled with more emotion than marbles have color

Over the years I have suppressed my biggest struggles

Filing them away like old paid bills in a good,heavy duty, metal file cabnet

Thinking I need them

For what purpose?

To show what I have worked so long and hard for

Little changes that mean only something to me

When we bought our first microwave

Only after the one that was given to us finally broke

I still wasn't ready to part with it

So I kept the inside glass turning tray

To put our cat dish on

To keep it off the floor

It catches her food quite good

She is a messy eater sometimes

I have to justify everything in my mind

If it really makes sense

That is questionable?

We had an old flat grill

We bought it and thought it would be perfect

It was lousy from the first day on

Food would not heat

Then when it did heat up

It would burn

We tried oil and butter

Nothing seemed to make it any better

There were many burnt pancakes eaten

Just because I was too stubburn

To let go

Admit it was a bad purchase

I don't understand it

How could anyone sell such a product?

That clearly doesn't work

So I now use it for a place to put my yard sneakers

It keeps all the mud off the floor

Easy to clean

There are so many little things

I do constantly that never get said

They remain only a thought in my head

I have old notes that fill not just one box but many

Talking about what was important on that special day

Does it change the world?


Does it change my mind?

In some strange ways

It helped me shape the person I am today

These are little experiences

Nobody ever reveals

Trade secrets people die with

I have a tick my wife found on me

In a small pill bottle sitting in alcohol

I am thankful she found it

What would happen if she didn't?

God forbid, I ended up with Lime Disease

Like so many other people who suffer

There life is never the same

Because of something smaller than a penny

It was not because of something they did

It was because of something they didn't do

Find that little wrotten insect

Sometimes organic sprays are not enough

Then there was a spoon

That I bent trying to get ice cream out of the half gallon

I was too lazy to get a icecream scoop

As I go through each and everything

They have no real cash value

They have a life value

I had a water bottle I started drinking in the car

It got tossed in the back seat

I simply forgot about it

Was the water still good

I think so

Then they say water left in the sun in a plastic bottle can be trouble

Luckily we don't believe everything we read

This time I poured my water out on a favorite plant

It wasn't so much the cost of the water

It was the principle

I was taught not to waste

I broke the golden rule

Think how crazy is that?

That was a glimpse inside my head

As I sit here and type

My neck stiff and my back sore

I worked out in the yard yesterday

Just in a nick of time

It poured last night

I mean the sky opened up

It came down hard for hours

I know the grass hasn't been cut for two weeks

If I waited it would of been three weeks

The grass would be too long and high and hard to cut

I push myself to cut it every week

The only reason I don't do it

We get busy

Some things take top priority over other things

What is right and wrong?

If I l only knew

Each time I try

To be someone who I will love

Just a little more than before

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