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My Forgotten: A Poem

I am a writer of poems short stories and short articles on the feeling of nature.


My forgotten

Forgot everything

I don't have it in my mind.

Wondering how I'm going to go

in the test.

Read again and forget again

repeatedly called out memorized.

Yet it didn't fall on my mind,

In the examination hall.

What's that my brain,

input unnecessary things,

but the book's words don't go in.

Today decided,

keep it in mind today

I'll read all night,

Even if time passes

do not give up today,

studying everything of the book,

if needed

Pass midnight.

But what about?

pressing on by sleep.

I became tiredness,

eyes opened with force,

the laziness is not removed from my body,

try to read,

does not understand anything.

The flying mind flies away

can not stop it with forcing.

© 2021 Debashis Baruah