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My First Sunburn of the Summer

You Think I Would Know Better

I apply sun tan lotion to avoid that mighty sunburn

Then later that night when I come home to take a shower

I see my bright red shoulders


I am at a loss for words

I put the suntan lotion on to protect against the harmful rays

I wear a hat and had on a t-shirt until I went swimming

Some how I missed my shoulders

I put some aloe on them and in a few days they will be fine

I like the new advances in products since I was a kid

They have a spray on lotion that works good

Not all greasy

Easier to apply

I can't believe I have gotten that lazy

I should of reapplied it after I got out of the pool

It was my own fault

The last few years I have been even it applying it to the top of my head

I am starting to show my age

My hair is thinning out

My two older brothers clearly showed signs of hair loss

I wondered if I would follow the same path

There is still hope

I am twelve years younger and I still have three quarters of my hair

My mother use to say

I had a widows peak

A high forehead and that usually meant

Somewhere in the future

I would go partially bald

I am just going to have to wait and see

I always kept my hair short anyway

Now some parts of my head will be real short

Then the rest of my head will have a nice shinny glow

My hair was good while it lasted

I massage my head every day

Thinking it is an effort to stimulate hair growth

I never read anywhere if it works

I just made it up

It feels great

I love my head scratched

I think the outside of my brain needs to be pampered

Who knows maybe I am on to something

A new breakthrough in science

A great approach to an old problem

I stumbled on it by accident

So as I write next to a stand up fan giving me an ultimate breeze

I look outside and it is pitch black

It is expected at 4:32 in the morning

My cat Charlotte got my attention

After a few little bites on my fingers

It startles me every time

I don't know how she learned it

It's her way

Of telling me

Wake up sleepy head

Get up get up

I tell her all the time

Cut it out

No biting

She won't listen

She is so lovable every other time of the day

I get up and add some more cat food to her dish

She likes fresh food and doesn't like her dish half empty

She loves to be patted

So in between typing

I stop and pat her some more

We are both happy

I think she is pushing me to write

To come out of my comfort zone and create

Then she leaves me

She finds a good spot

Then off to sleep she goes

I want to wake her up

When she is trying to sleep

It is only fair

She did it to me when I was sleeping so nice

No that would be down right mean

So as my eyes cry for more sleep

I am going to head back to my perfect dream state

Where all things I love happen

All the people I care about are having fun and sharing all their love

The birds just started to chirp

At 4:41 in the morning

If anyone is curious or just wondering

I dare you to find out for yourself

See you in a little bit world

For now all I can think about is

My lovely, sweet bed

With a soft comfortable pillow under my head

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