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My First Sonnet

Verlie Burroughs is a west coast writer from Vancouver Island.


I amb Play

It’s easy really, take a bird in flight,
A piece of cake, or a cloud in the sky.
Gather them gently, careful not too tight,
And wrap them in two feet of ribbon ply.
Not Shakespeare? Ah, but do not weep,
The song resounds in a listener's ear,
As do eyes that share a vision seek
Forgetting of their momentary fear.
Tie a quick bow, the hearer will feel the beat.
A Sonnet speaks in a tone naturally,
If you forget to count, it will still be sweet
When your heart is in it gracefully.
And naught to worry if the lines don’t rhyme
Exactly, just that they arrive on time.

Thank You


Thanks to Jamie, Andrew, and Danielle.

© 2018 Verlie Burroughs

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