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My Fear for Not Marrying Him

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


It is sunny afternoon in the island, she has not gone to office that week, for she had off

Work pass given her for the week. That is what usually happens at her place of work, when

She works for two weeks, the following week would be off work for her. Two decades ago

She joined the establishment when she was still a spinster. Three months after joining the

Establishment she met her late husband. He was working for another establishment close to

Hers. The street on which her establishment was situated is called commercial nerve center

For about 75 percent of the companies in the island are located on the street. The man she

Got married to was the seventh man who proposed to her. The person she loved most was

25 years older that her, everything was going on well between them until she discusses her

Relationship with a friend, and it was her friend who told her about the nasty experience

She’s had with her old father, due to his prostate enlargement that blocked the urethra and

He was having difficulties micturating. He had to be on catheter for about three months

To make urination easy for him before the catheter was removed. Since then he has been

Placed on drugs for the prostate enlargement. She adds that it was because her father’s

Prostate enlargement was not cancerous for assuming it was cancerous, the complications

That is associated with it would be high, and it may also have metastasized to other

Parts of his body which would give many problems and much pain. She continues by saying

That, and you know I don’t like people suffering, I doubt if I would be able to withstand

The condition assuming that was the case with him then. This is one of the related diseases

Associated with old age in males, she told her friend. If you now marry a man who is old

Enough to be your father, by the time you ought to be enjoying yourself, after you have

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Stopped procreation and those associated old age infirmities set in to the man, you surely

Will not like the experience. That apart, another thing is considering the man’s age you as

One of the statistician in the land, you will recall that the life span of males in the island

According to the researches, interviews which was presented by the able chairman of the

Statistics association in the island, it states that the males of the island have lower life span

Compared to the females. As educated person when we take this into consideration may God

Not allow evil to happen, but it means that the man would likely not live long and if that

Happens it means you will become a widow at a tender age. To me, it is better you think

About thine future than the present that you are thinking about for wanting to be married to

The man, she concluded with her. On getting home, she had a deep thought about what

Her friend has said and decided that it is better she leaves the man. It was after she has left

The man that she met with her late husband. It was however saddened that after two months

Of their wedding, her husband died. Though she was not pregnant for the man, but the

Shock was too much on her that it took her about a decade before she could come off the

Shock. By this time, the man she considered old had moved on with his life as she has gotten

Married to another damsel from another island. People who had known the man told her

That the man was happy with the woman he is married to and had children. Other

Relationship she had tried did not worked out. As she sat down this sunny day in her

Apartment, and she was reflecting on the past she felt sorry for herself and says that

She would have followed her heart and would not have given what her friend counseled

Her on a thought, for if she has done that she would have been happily married to the man

Now. The old age complications that she has been used to counsel her, none of that has

Come upon the man according to the information she has gathered about the man. The

Thought of this makes droplet of tears to form on her eyelid…


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