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My Favorite Bad Dream

I share my love for writing through these poems and stories.


I dreamt of a million

years with you

and now you're not here

To lay by my side

when I wake up

from my silly dream

Turns out, you were

the bad dream

I've been havin'

all along.


But still I can't move on

cause I still feel

your affectionate

gentle touch'

upon my body

and tis driving

me crazy

and my heart's

running round and wide

in search for your love

in empty bottles

and in puffy smokes


But now when

I look back

I realize

You were the ecstasy

that filled

my soul.

Now I see your

smile in the empty corners

and in every person I walk by

I hear the melodies

we sang together

with the radio

all night long

Even though I try

to let you go

everything comes

back to you.


Like an old memory

from blissful past.

Now I lay tonight on my

cold bed without

with no one to turn to

when the frost fills my heart.

© 2021 Jeevan Maria

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