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My Father*My Shelter*

My father *My Shelter*

I don’t know how to start or what to say...
Because words are not enough to describe the tale...

You are not just my father
You are my shelter where I feel more safe

You know you gave me so much love
You know I forgot all my pain

You know when I was small and couldn’t stand
You know you was the only one who hold my hands

I know father you bear all the pain
So, you can make smile

I know father you taught me
Make your standard so high, so
People know you by your name

I don’t know how every day you hide your pain
I want that whenever I will be born again
I want to see you as my father again

You are not my father You are my defender and my saver
You know you are the first man I have ever loved
You know in the end I pray to God that
You remained with me for a long time

Father I love you more than anything in my life.

© 2021 sumairaemmanuel

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