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My Farewell To Nice'n Easy

I love to rhyme, therefor, I write poetry and if my muse is awake I love to write short stories. My name is Ruby. I am a retired RN.


Gray hair is not my cup of tea, but it looks like I'd better learn to love it.

Nice'n Easy, you've been a good friend until the very end

Allergies flaring, red itchy bumps emerging on my scalp, so goodbye my faithful friend

I've used you for forty odd years

Now I must leave you through sorrowful tears

No longer will I be a Sexy blond

Instead, I'll settle for gray, perhaps in time the two of us will bond

until we do my tears will surely flow

I guess I should be happy, saving my hard earned dough

I'm sure my interest in your Nice'n Easy stocks will take a nosedive

I imagine in time I'll quit lying, saying, " I'm only thirty-five "

I tried your new concoction, labeled without ammonia

The formula was worse, leaving me with a sad case of pnuemonia

And practically in a sleeping coma

So this is my goodbye letter to you blond friend

I suppose I'll live, perhaps smiling once again


I'm wondering how a gorgeous blond wig would feel?

Oh forget it! Something tells me, " It would cause my scalp to peel "

So, farewell my allergic messy blend

Perhaps I'll live without you, and my ego will surely mend.

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