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My Eyes are OK

My recollections aren't the same as my siblings. To what extent today is reality warped with false memories?


Are my eyes ok or is it me?
Am I recreating through reminiscences
Killing my past and saving of ego?
I'll not know to what extent
I've heard it said we see
Subjects subjectively in the now
How much more in recollection?
Are delusions directly proportional
To the amount of dysfunction?
One thing learned is that
The fastest way to start a fight
With siblings is inversely proportional
To the amount of vices consumed
I choose to see through lenses
Of rose colors and diffraction
Not with corrective surgeries
No dope except perhaps, perhaps
Perhaps a toke to Shiva
To honor his World of Green
To tell myself it's all ok
And that I'll never know


Linda Kloss (author) from Corpus Christi on August 02, 2019:

Is this code for "i'll get paid ?"

Linda Kloss (author) from Corpus Christi on July 14, 2019:


Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on July 14, 2019:

Love this searching and questioning poem. How inaccurate are our perceptions? I wish we could come up with unbiased and non distorted glasses.

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