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My Eyes Don't Want To Open

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After Five Hours Sleep

Our cat Charlotte thought it was best

For me to get up

I tried to ignore her in the beginning

She climbs onto our bed

Gives me a few head butts

Sometimes she just wants to be patted

After I pat her and she paces back and forth

A lick one after the other

Across my chin and face

I said what is it now?

I cleaned the litter box out

Just before bed

So it couldn't be that

She must be hungry

When I got up earlier to go the bathroom

I noticed there was food in her dish

Our Charlotte gets picky

Her food is old

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So here I am

Trying to make sense of it all

We normally open the slider in the morning for her

The weather has been so hot

We have all the windows and doors shut

I know she doesn't understand it

Even though I tell her

It is too hot outside

So we shut up all the doors and windows

To keep cool

Charlotte quietly walked off to our back room

Now I can go out and water or go back to bed

Which is it?

I really could use more sleep

Even though now would be a good time to water the plants good

We had three straight days in the 90's

We lost a few plants I see

They went bone dry

I finally got the blueberry bush and the Lilly in the ground

We just got one of our first tomatoes for the season

I have a rule

As long as we get one tomato

Then I will be happy with our homemade garden

This keeps me from being upset

When plants get eaten by an animal or they just didn't grow

I already have a big decision to make

The sun is up

My fatherinlaw use to say

The daughter's still sleepin

He use to love to tell jokes

Anything to make people happy

I am glad I got to know him when I did

I will have some good memories forever

He was in his eighties when I first met him

He was living alone in a senior center

His wife passed years before

Every day he would drive to the Armory

See a few of his friends

Then later when he couldn't drive

He took the bus

He use to put his bus money aside

In little baggys

I never knew it

Until after he died

We found them in his draw

He always treated me right

He loved watching his Westerns in the afternoon

I use to spend a little time with him

Then I had to leave right in the middle

I had to go to work

I loved it too

In the worst way

It broke my heart

Not only was I having fun

I wanted to see who would kill who

In life we get to spend time with our loved ones

Some how it is never enough time

We do some things and we wished we did more

That is the way life is

Challenging in so many ways

So as I head out into my yard

I have time to think

What can I do now

To enjoy more time with my family I have left

Before this time is gone too

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